Events Sep 1. 2022

Feedback Event Result

Dear Inheritors,


Many players have participated in the Feedback event starting from last July 21st. Thank you for showing all of your interest and passion for ArcheAge. We collected all of your feedback and shared it with the developers. In return, we would like to share the developer's feedback. Some of your feedback was summarized, but the content remains the same. We did this in order to be as quick as possible in getting the developer's feedback delivered back to you.

Please continue to read the below to check out the developer's feedback.


  1. The customisation options for Warborn and Dwarves (such as the tattoos and skin textures) should be available for all races. There should also be more idle animations and skill animations for the older races.

XL : We've already updated character models for Elf and Nuia female. We will look into customization for Warborn and Dwarves, as well as updating models of all races.


  1. Golden Plains Battle should be equalised, just like sparring arena/drill camp. Often, one side dominates the others and it can become unfair very quickly.

XL : Golden Plains matchmaking is based on the current number of players and we agree it is difficult to balance everything. Some players asked for random matchmaking instead of faction based matching, but that goes against our intended design. That said, we will look into methods to provide chances of overturning the flow, such as by using flares, within the current state.


  1. The Guild Halls should have additional functions, such as a Guild Chest and other functional items to make it feel more like a Guild Home.

XL : We plan to continuously update Guild Hall benefits.


  1. Increase the family slots to 20 people. Add more plants and trees as decoration, such as full sized trees. Add a setting to allow songcraft music to be muted but still be able to hear sheet music and other sound effects.

XL : We currently do not have plans to expand the family slot limit.

We will look into making plants and trees into furniture.

We do plan on a function to mute your own songcraft music, but it will take time to look into the mentioned detailed option settings.


  1. More options to be available for character creation such as additional hairstyles, additional tattoos and more skin colours with no restrictions. Add additional lighting/background options inside the Salon so players can see their characters in different environments.

XL : We plan to improve character customization by adding more hairstyles and etc., and will look into adding more background options in the salon.


  1. Many bosses now only spawn during the evening, which means that players tend not to play during the day as there is not much to do. The larger world-bosses should have a larger spawn window to allow for more fighting and activity in the game. Currently, many players log in for 1 hour of content and then log out again when it is complete.

XL : We agree that it would be good to have different raid bosses spawn at a variety of time windows. However, changing spawn time and number of spawns of big raids, such as Black Dragon, Kraken, Anthalon, are closely related to item balance, so we would like to be careful when making changes to these raids. We will look into raids with shorter cooldowns, such as Garden of the Gods, Jola/Meina/Glenn raid to see if their process and rewards can be improved upon.


  1. Trophies/Furniture Drops from larger world bosses should be added back into the game as well as additional items such as a Throne with Wings for obtaining all of the drops. The Leviathan, Delphinad Ghost Ship, Red Dragon should have their statues added back and additional ones should be added for Charybdis, Kraken and Anthalon.

XL : Raid monsters dropped furniture exclusively for the previous NA service, but this was removed with the current one build system. We will look into this to see if additional drops or crafting of furniture could be added.


  1. It is difficult to reset arena/dungeon entries while inside a group, as the group needs to be disbanded first. There should be a button that allows all members of a team to reset their entries as a collective.

XL : Allowing all group members to reset entries may cause unintended issues. We will look into this to see if it could be implemented.


  1. Please introduce Music Sheets with a character limitation of up to 10,000 or more, there are many songs that require a great many characters. Please remove the limitations on Proficiencies. While it was useful in the past, with the changes to proficiencies it is more common to specialise in multiple and sadly some will always be stuck at a lower level. Please revamp the trade system back to its original iteration, or at least increase the value of packs and the locations that can have a trade run delivery. Increase the payout from Sport Fishing so it is worth the time/labor/effort and risk that is taken to do it.

XL : The number of music sheets is at its maximum the system can handle. More could cause the system to overload. We're looking into linking sheets 1&2, but this isn't something we can improve in the short term. Proficiency improvement is in the works and we'll let you know once we finalize it. We agree that trading and Sport Fishing should have rewards equal to the cost and risk required. However, simply increasing their rewards could affect the economy and play ratio of other activities, so we would like to look into this carefully. While it is difficult to improve them both any time soon, but we will update them in the mid to long term.


  1. Increase the amount of slots an inventory can be increased to. Add a Warehouse that can be shared between characters of the same account.

XL : Bag storage is currently at its max capacity and it is difficult to expand it. We are looking into other methods to provide more slots, such as storage you can keep in your bag. We do not have any plans for the account warehouse.


  1. Currently, people use multiple characters as there isn't enough labor regeneration to make it worth playing on a singular character alone. Add more locations in which Trade Packs can be turned in to increate the viability for trade runs. Manastorm Crystals are difficult to obtain, add more ways to obtain them so they are a legitimate "earned" in-game currency. Add the possibility to save UI positioning/keybind settings to allow for easier respeccing if an issue occurs. Increase the Labor Regeneration rate to make it more worth to play on a single character, and discourage the use of alts.

XL : Using multiple characters could be because of insufficient labor, but it could also be to have more from harvesting through more labor acquired. Therefore, increasing the amount of labor obtained by 1 character doesn't necessarily negate the reason of having multiple characters. That said, we've continuously improved labor recovery, so we will look into this to see if there are other methods of improvement. Trade system improvement is planed for a mid to long term investigation. We plan to look into supply and usage (including refresh) of Manastorm Crystals and provide more. UI and keybind are saved on the client side, not the server, and it is difficult to improve at the moment. We will look into other methods to improve this.


  1. Increase the stacks of Stone/Stone Bricks, Logs/Lumber, Iron Ore/Iron Ingots etc from 1k to 10k as these are often required in bulk and take up a lot of space.

XL : We understand the need for larger stack sizes for various materials. While having 10k stacks could make things easier to manage, there could be issues with max amounts at auction and material hoarding. Also, we can't increase stack size for specific items and not others, so we would like to take some time to discuss and improve this issue.


  1. An upgrade to the customisability of housing/furniture would be very welcome. For example Chroma houses where various parts can be dyed different colours. This can also be applied to Mounts, Cars, Pets, Furniture etc.

XL : While there are dye-able vehicles and such, these are structurally different, which makes it difficult to utilize them for housing and furniture.


  1. The Trade Pack system needs to be made more effective - so that it is worth doing again. The system has not been touched since the 4.0 patch and the time and investment put into trade runs is not worth the profit that is earned. The amount of Labor that larders cost is extremely high, and makes it so that if any reasonable profit is to be made, since the labor cost isn't worth it, alts need to be used. Fishing is not worth the effort and gold that is earned as a lot of time is spent to obtain the fish with the added risk of being robbed - only to get less than 11 gold per fish. Sunken Ships in the Arcadian Sea are also not worth the risk, as a zonewide message is displayed when a ship is raised and the risk suddenly becomes much higher despite the low income. Farmhands are stopping people from running Trade Packs in many areas due to the bad percentage generated from Farmhands doing so many trade runs. There is not enough areas to run Trade Packs to, and the system as a whole should be reverted.

XL : As mentioned in the other answer, trading and fishing system, including salvaging, will be discussed for improvement later on.


  1. The Auroria Twilight Sapling and Auroria Mineral Water Pump should be added back into the game for any kind of currency such as Gilda, Credits or Territory Coins. After each update, there are more and more zones that have weeklies which makes it difficult to keep up - as the constant weeklies in many different zones can be tiring.

XL : We currently do not have plans to add Auroria Twilight Sapling and Auroria Mineral Water Pump again. While we recently added weekly quests to the Great Prairie of the West, we are continuously reducing quest types and play time for these and plan to improve more in the coming months.


  1. The Hero Vote system should be limited back to 3 votes. Currently the use of 6 means that any large-scale guild or group of people are able to influence an election in their favor where, oftentimes, a toxic group of heroes is chosen rather than the most popular from the faction.

XL : We are monitoring the updated Hero Election system and possible system abuse, and will discuss methods of improvement.


  1. The Sea in ArcheAge is one of the main features of the game but aside from Kraken/Abyssal/Lusca there seems to be very little activity on it. It would be nice to have additional areas/sea ports in the game that can have Cargo delivered to them as well as different kinds of Cargo - just like there are different kinds of Trade Packs.

XL : Trading will be improved later down the pipeline.


  1. Currently a character sleep takes 10 minutes, which can be a long time for someone in an MMO who just wants to play. The sleeping time should be reduced to 5 minutes so it is less of a burden on time. Fishing and Trade Packs should be more profitable, as they used to be the main source of income in the game.

XL : "We have Dreamy Plushie Table in the game to reduce sleep time, so we currently do not have plans to reduce base sleep time. Trading and Trade Pack system will be improved later down the pipeline."


  1. The Trade Pack system should be reverted to the patch before 3.5 where there were multiple ways to run trade packs and multiple areas that they could be ran to.

XL : We currently do not have plans to revert commerce back to before patch 3.5, but plan to improve the system.


  1. The Dual Wield buff is not appealing right now, to make it appealing we should increase the Attack Speed that is given by it and add more to it's Critical Strike Rate. Since it is a dual wield, an increase in parry should be viable too. The Attack of Two-Handed weapons should be reduced, but the Defence Penetration should be increased to make up for that. "Deadly Duelist" passive could be changed so that Two-Handed weapons cannot parry Ranged Attacks.

XL : With the recent balance patch, we've made changes to dual wielding weapons. We will take player feedback into account to and plan to do more balance patches in the coming months.


  1. Crafting Recipe updates for the Runescribe Quills:

Runescribe Quill:

Glossy Feathers 100 > 50

Sunlight Essence 10 > 5

Moonlight Essence 10 > 5

Onyx Archeum Essence 5 >3


Radiant Runescribe Quill:

Glossy Feathers 150 > 100

Sunlight Essence 15 > 10

Moonlight Essence 15 > 10

Onyx Archeum Essence 10 > 5


Brilliant Runescribe Quill:

Glossy Feathers 200 > 150

Sunlight Essence 20 > 15

Moonlight Essenece 20 > 15

Onyx Archeum Essence 20 > 15


Glorious Runescribe Quill:

Glossy Feathers 300 > 250

Sunlight Essence 30 > 25

Moonlight Essence 30 > 25

Onyx Archeum Essence 30 > 25


XL : We do not see any clear purpose to change the recipe for Runescribe Quills.

They are used to craft items to increase the chance of Awakening Scrolls, so decreasing the amount of items required for crafting requires overall review of balance.

Therefore, we are sorry to say we do not have plans to make any changes to crafting recipes of Runescribe Quills.


  1. Fusion Alembic and Image Recovery Alembic should be added back into the General Merchant as it is currently extremely expensive for credits and not worth to purchase. There are many costumes that should be returned to the game, such as the Nutcracker costume!

XL : We will consider discounts for Fusion Alembic and Item Recovery Alembic.

We will also add a more variety of costumes.


  1. There seems to be a lack of voice acting to NPCs in starting zones, it would be better to have it so it feels more entertaining to new players. Please also open Mistmerrow and Kadum to become a world boss rather than an instanced boss.

XL : At its current structure, it is difficult to change the Kadum raid into a field monster.

However, we will do our best to add more exciting field raid contents with more powerful rewards.


  1. Crafting has become obsolete, with many consumables that are usually crafted being obtained from events instead which ruins the income for people who solely rely on crafting that specific item. Many players find it pointless to craft anymore.

XL : While we think the current crafting system has its merits, we do agree events and other contents sometimes diminishes the value of some materials. We will discuss various methods to increase the merits of crafting.


  1. Currently the quest "A Grand Construction 1" is not viable, as the quest is entirely unprofitable and does not give any substantial reward that players will care about. Either the materials needs to be changed or the reward for doing so needs to be increased to make it valuable in the players eyes.

XL : We will positively consider increasing the rewards for the Grand Construction quests.


  1. A setting should be implemented that allows players to turn off the Erenor Wings effect as it can cause issues with costumes and glamor, as well as brightness during pvp.

XL : It will not be easy for us to implement such a function any time soon. We will have to review all similar cases (toggle function for various effects) and if it is possible to add a toggle to turn them off/on.


  1. Sea Trading in ArcheAge used to be one of the major factors in the games popularity, which brought meaningful PVP and perfectly encapsulated the "high risk high reward" mantra. Ever since the 3.5 patch though, there was a reduction in sea activity to the point where the sea feels barren now. The Cargo system feels unrewarding for the most part and is easy to go wrong since there are only 3 areas that can be started from rather than a whole multitude. Would it be possible to bring back the old 3.5 trade pack system, as this brought a sense of peril but reward.

XL : Trading will be improved later down the pipeline.


  1. The Raid Roster system is currently almost useless to the current playerbase as the amount of gold and times that gold can be sent isn't enough for how much gold is made in the game. The max limitation of 3000 gold needs to be changed to something higher or the amount of rosters also needs to be increased. It would also be nice if the Raid Rosters could include items too, such as Onyx from the Delphinad Ghost Ship raids.


"A raid for Black Dragon resulted in a payout of 12,714 gold per player. This needed to be sent out across 3 days due to the current limitations. This delayed the sending of other Black Dragon, Kraken and otherwise raid splits being sent out."

XL : We are internally discussing the topic about raising the funds distributed for Raids.


  1. Please introduce a functionality option where we can disable "Mobilization Orders" forever, not just for one day. It is a nuisance and very annoying to players who do not want to see them or doesn't play with the faction.

XL : The Mobilization Orders is a system that's supposed to encourage participation in the Raid content, so permanently disabling it would not be appropriate. Of course, we understand the point of view from users who do not want to participate in the content, so we will look into other ways to making improvements to the system.


  1. There should be more expansion slots for the Mount/Pet/Glider/Furniture Trunks. The amount of each of these things in the game is immense and often there isn't enough space for all of them - especially furniture. Please add a new chest/trunk for Coinpurses, Crates and Lunafrosts as well as ones for Armor/Weapons/Gear to make it easier to store different sets. There are a lot of coinpurses and crates, would it be possible to consolidate them into less types. There are currently 3 different ones available from the Abyssal Library as well as multiple different ones available from level 40 upwards (Jester, Prince, Queen, etc) Please remove the limits on Mail and Trade as this is less helpful and more harmful. It's difficult if you want to mail things to friends, or to yourself.

XL : We are internally looking into more expansion slots, and we're looking into the feasibility of allowing a variety of items to be stored.

Different type of coinpurses can be obtained depending on the difficulty level of the Hunting Ground or content, and the amount of Gold obtained is also different.

 However, we'll look into improving the Jester, Prince, and Queen coinpurses since these are not used once you reach a certain level.

We're also looking into improvements for the limits on Mail and Trade.


  1. Fishing feels completely not worth the time and effort put into it. For 30 minutes of fishing, provided that there is no PvP, the maximum that could be earned is around 70 gold on a good day. The price of fish should be increased, as this will encourage people to fish and also encourage the PvP that may follow. Fishing should be profitable to spend the time doing, especially as it takes a long time to catch the fish.

XL : The Fishing system will be improved later down the pipeline.


  1. Allow people to set specific pieces of furniture to public/guild/family use. Many people would like to allow others to use fireplaces or certain workbenches but do not want to open their land or else packs or plants are stolen.

XL : We'll look into adding furniture or improving current furniture to be allowed to share between families, guilds, or public just like the Housing Storage.


  1. Improve the functionality where if a guild quest/family quest has been activated, it stays activated and does not need to be activated again.

XL : We're looking into ways to improve the inconvenience of individually activating Guild Missions, Family Missions, ArchePass Missions.


  1. Please reduce the amount of XP needed to synthesise Hiram gear. It is the cheapest but requires a lot of farming to achieve which can take a lot of effort. The grind is a lot to do, especially when other sets take a lot less time. Allow gear/glider/weapon swapping while Songcraft songs are being played. The game requires a lot of reactivity and if someone is prevented from swapping due to songs, it can mean the difference between life and death.

XL : We need to be careful about adjusting the amount of XP required to synthesize Hiram gear since it will affect the balance of the game, but we're looking into ways to make progression faster.

 We'll look into the feasibility of allowing gear/glider/weapon swapping while Songcraft songs are being played.


  1. Commanders in guilds are meant to be trustworthy, but they cannot do a lot of things. They should have access to the prestige shop to be able to purchase items for the guild. They should also have access to dominions and to remove peace scrolls. They should also be able to accept or decline guild recruitment applications.

XL : We'll look into giving Commanders access to more rights.


  1. There should be more currency exchange available in the game as after a certain amount, some currency becomes unneeded for some players and would be more useful changed into something else. For example, right now Gilda Stars are not useful for some players and would be more useful if they can be converted to other currencies.

XL : Different types of coins are obtained depending on the content. This is to encourage players to participate in a variety of contents to collect the different coins, so allowing exchange between different coins would go against these directions.


  1. Currencies should be consolidated as there are way too many currencies in the game which causes confusion and an overabundance of items. It's difficult to make enough ways for players to earn all of these different kinds, so it would be better to condense.

XL : We're looking into consolidating different currencies. We hope to introduce changes to the system within the second half of this year at the earliest.


  1. It would be great if there was more dungeons in the game that are worth doing and are fun. Currently the old ones are boring to do, it would be great if there was more useful dungeons for players in the lategame just like the Abyssal Library. If new titles, achievements and other rewards could be added too that would make dungeons worth doing again.

XL : Adding more dungeons is a good direction to take, but we also want to make sure we renew the existing dungeons which are not used. We'll also look into adding new titles, achievements, and other rewards as suggested.


  1. Halcyona/Golden Plains Battle should be less faction based and more random team based to make it easier for some players to win. Often there are dominant faction issues where one side is the most dominant and rolls over the other faction with no issue. This could also help cross-faction toxicity as it forces some people to play together in order to win.

XL : We looked into making the Halcyona/Golden Plains Battle to be based on random teams, but this will be difficult to change right away.


  1. Improve the rewards for guild missions to make it more attractive for guild members to complete them and gain prestige. Things such as providing Labor Rechargers, Akasch Token Crates, Radiant Supply Kits etc would be useful rewards as it encourages players to complete guild missions and earn prestige, even if they aren't able to spend it themselves.

XL : We'll look into improving the rewards for Guild Missions.


  1. Please bring back the old Ayanad Library instances as a revamped Library, with an updated/new gearing route similar to Obsidian to allow for further hybrid classes to be used and more content for players to enjoy in the downtime between primetime raids. Please also revamp the old Hasla weapons to allow for additional acquisition as new weapons. Players found the Hasla token farming fun in older times as there was lots of PvP and the effort directly correlated to the reward. Alongside this, please add new Hasla-style armor pieces that players can attempt to obtain. Please allow players to enter the Mistsong Summit dungeon solo instead of as a group - many people enjoy doing the dungeon alone for income, fun or otherwise. There is an abundance of players who own multiple houses that take up a lot of space in land, please add additional land/housing areas or reduce the amount of houses an individual player can own.

XL : The gear is currently divided into Hiram Guardian Equipment / Library, Sanctuary Equipment / Raid equipment, and we do not have any plans to introduce a new gearing route.

However, we do agree that it would become enjoyable to be able to farm for various equipment, so we will look into this.

We changed the minimum entry for Mistsong Summit from 3 players to 1 player last June.

Rather than reducing the amount of houses that can be owned by individual players, we are looking into various ways of expanding the housing areas.


  1. Currently the field bosses available in Hasla, Windscour, Rookborne, Perinoor, Sanddeep, Halcyona, Hellswamp and Karkasse need a revamp as they are weak and many players do not want to participate due to their boring nature. Introduce a proper respawn timer again as often many zones simply do not enter War status which means the bosses rarely spawn. Please also increase the gold worth of the Pack that can be crafted with the boss monster's item drop. It would also be desirable to have bosses of a similar nature in Auroria, such as Golden Ruins having a version of Snokrumm to fight against. These changes would make the bosses more lucrative and attractive to fight against, as well as encouraging more trade runs with the monster drops packs.

XL : We'll look into increasing the merits for the regional bosses available during the War status times, and will also look into adding similar bosses to other areas such as in Auroria.


  1. I work as a Mechanic, and I love the incorporation of cars into the game! I would like to see more types of cars, and other kinds of additional items to accompany them such as furniture for the cars (such as a garage housing decoration item) and other yard decor to match/house cars. This includes things like engine stands, tool boxes and other items that give off a "car mechanic" theme.

XL : We think it's a good idea to add a "car mechanic" themed furniture item. While it may be difficult to add it right away during the second half of this year, we'll look into adding it later on.


  1. The changes to Dahuta Bubble into Dahuta Tear was not a bad change, however many people have worked hard to obtain a Mermaid's Breath earring, some sacrifiing Erenor or Noryette Earrings to wear them. Please revert the change that removes the underwater breath buff on death on the Mermaid's Breath earring as this was meant to be a prestigious rare item that provides a great buff after hard work to obtain it.

XL : The change was introduced as a part of an improvement for unlimited breathing underwater. If this did not apply to the Mermaid's Breath earrings, than the concern would be that it could be utilized in various places such as sea raids / raid wards (monitoring) / garden diving areas. Please understand this is why we introduced the changes.


  1. A revamp of the UI and how to change it would be welcome, similar to other games such as FFXIV where individual items of the UI can be made bigger rather than every single item being enlarged with one option. Please allow individual UI features to be made bigger rather than the entire UI as a whole.

XL : Considering the scope of development needed to allow for more freedom in UI customization, we don't think we can develop this feature right away. We will look into this more down the development pipeline.


  1. A new class based on a barehanded fighter such as "Monk" would be a welcome addition. It may be difficult due to the lack of a weapon, but this can be resolved by introducing "fists" as a weapon. It can include fast-paced attacks such as Rapid Punches and ancestral abilities that change this to kicks. The tree would be based around short-range and low cooldown melee attacks.

XL : We'll need to think about new skillsets or new combat weapons. This is a good idea, and we'll consider this when we have plans to add a new race, skillset, or weapon type.


  1. I am colourblind and it is very difficult to see who is an enemy and who is a friend in raids and in the game as a whole. Please introduce the option to change the healthbar colours of enemies, party members, raid members, friends etc to allow a more accessible game.

XL : We have been considering the colorblind system, but we realized it could not be implemented within a short period of time. We fully understand that the system is needed, so we will keep this in our mid to long-term development goal.


  1. Currently there is way too much clutter on the screen when it comes to Buffs and how they are displayed. There is no need to see some buffs that can be displayed elsewhere such as Title Level, Family Level or Guild Level as well as other things such as ArcheBlessing or ArcheLife. Buffs that display Armor type or Weapon type etc should be kept as this is useful information. The icons should also be revamped to give more information about the type of gear that is equipped, such as a shield with a white glow to represent a magical shield or without to represent a physical shield. Please also allow us to simply hide buffs if needed.

XL : We've simplified the buffs before, but we understand that there are still unnecessary buffs or buffs being obscured due to the many buffs that appear on the screen. We'll take your idea and look into ways to make improvements.


  1. It would be very fun for players to have older world bosses such as Flamelord/Windlord etc revamped to have T2 iterations, similar to Morpheus or other bosses that - when defeated - have a chance to spawn harder versions. Players would see a reason to participate in fights again if the rewards were also improved/added to the higher versions of the bosses. Please also introduce a T2 version of the normal Ghost Ship. While the Delphinad Ghost Ship exists, it would be interesting and make for more sea content if a harder version of a Ghost Ship had a chance to spawn when a normal Ghost Ship was defeated.

XL : Adding various raid monsters and revamping existing raid monsters are things that we are looking into internally. We will continue to introduce content system updates that will motivate you to play.

The Delphinad Ghost Ship was recently revamped, and we will look into further ways to update the game.


  1. Offline and Online labor should be the same rate, as many players are finding themselves leaving their computers on overnight just to regain online labor as it is more than offline.

XL : We understand that players are leaving their characters online in order to restore Labor. However, if there is no difference between offline and online Labor Regen, then there are concerns about exploits such as users creating multiple accounts and bots.

Therefore online and offline Labor Regen cannot be the same. Offline Labor Regen cannot be the same or more than the amount restored when online. We'll look into other ways to improve the issue.


  1. There should be more books and journal entries to farm from different monsters and locations, this makes for a lot more to do in downtime. Please also make the art paintings in Mirage Isle purchasable with Gilda Stars or Gold.

XL : We'll look into adding more various books and journal entries.

The art paintings in Mirage Isle were only available for purchase during certain periods, but we'll look into making them available for purchase at Mirage Isle.


  1. Please add more cosmetic rewards related to achievements, such as special effects that follow a player or glows on a character's feet or other types of emotes that come from achievements. Please also add more high-end items to crafting professions such as Tailoring/Leatherworker's at 180k+ able to craft additional Inventory Bags or additional types of wrapped vehicles for Machinery. There are many achievements that are unobtainable anymore due to changes in the game, such as Epherium Heroes and others, please clean up the achievements section so that any unobtainable achievements are listed elsewhere.

XL : We're going to continue to add various cosmetic items. We're also going to continue to improve how crafting proficiencies are expanded and also improve the merits for each proficiency. These are planned for later this year. We'll also look into checking if we can remove unobtainable achievements.


We internally selected 10 lucky participants who provided feedback for the event. We went through a fair selection process, and did not base the selection on whether or not your feedback was applied to the game. You can check out the winners of the feedback event at the chart below. The lucky winners will receive 5,000 Credits by Sep. 1 (Thurs.), 2022.


Game Type


Character Name












ArcheAge: Unchained












We thank you again for all of the love and interest you showed through the feedback event! We'll continue to strive to provide you with an even better ArcheAge experience.


Thank you.